Tomato Sauce vs Chilli Sauce

Indonesians are used to eat spicy food almost everyday. We have many kinds of chilli sauce that we call “sambal”; which is surprisingly, sometimes can be hotter than how it looks. Well, forget that.

I just came back from a 2 weeks summer camp program in South Korea which was really great! I now have many new friends from 22 different countries all over the globe. There were 59 participants from the 22 countries I just said, and (I’m sorry), x volunteers in this program who were all Koreans.

This story started from the day when I left Indonesia…

I had to be in the plane for 7 hours non stop, which was nothing compared to my Latin American friends’ 24 hours flight. In the plane, I didn’t do much, but playing video games, watching movie, looking at the window and sleeping (okay, that’s much), wondering when I will get off the plane, because my butt hurts! Lol.

The flight attendant then came and asked me what I wanted to have for dinner? Then I said, bibimbap. I should admit, it was my first time to eat “the real” bibimbap. I’ve tasted bibimbap before, but it tasted terrible! They said, they used Indonesian herbs and seasoning to make it tasted more Indonesian. But no, I didn’t like it. However, the bibimbap I ate in the plane was good though.

This time, I had to mix all of the stuff together to make a bibimbap. There was also a small tub of sauce with “super spicy chilli sauce” written on it. I was really like… “super spicy chilli sauce”, mkay… I’m not that Indonesian, because I don’t really like spicy food.

My friends said, “You have to add it to your bibimbap!” – while I was really like… “Are you sure? it’s a super spicy chilli sauce! Must be so spicy. I think I ordered wrong!”

But, I tasted it.






I added all of the tomato sauce to my bibimbap. Yes, I wrote it right. Tomato sauce. I think we have a different definition of spicy here. Hahaha. It was funny, because what I think is spicy is not spicy at all. Because usually, what other think is not spicy, is usually too spicy for me.

Annyeong haseyo!

I arrived at Incheon airport after the 7 hours flight. I met the first Korean volunteer at the gate. The name was Yongje and he asked us, what we wanted to eat for breakfast? Well, because we don’t eat pork, of course we said, “anything as long as it has no pork in it”. So, he took me and my friends to a fast food restaurant.

When we got our food, the first thing that we tried to find was chilli sauce. We thought the restaurant forgot to give us the chilli sauce. But, we were wrong. The restaurant had no chilli sauce, only tomato sauce, and we were like…. “chilli sauuuuuuucccceeee where are yooooouuu??”

Fortunately, my friend; Dima, brought some chilli sauce from Indonesia. We shared it a bit with Yongje and I remember he said, “wooooh, spicy!” and we all laughed. Hhahaha.

It also happened when I visited kimchi museum with all of the people in the program. They said, “we are going to make a super spicy kimchi”. We listened to the kimchi master while she was making a kimchi. She was so good! She made a kimchi really fast, while if I were her, I might take a long time only to make one kimchi hahaha.

Listening to the kimchi master

We got a chance to taste the kimchi she made too!

I remember, I sat in the back row, near to the Korean volunteers. When I was about to eat the kimchi, I could say they were looking at me and waiting to ask, “how was it?”

So I ate it, and I was right. The volunteers asked me the question, “How was it? Too spicy?”

Well, I’m not gonna say anything. Just guess…

So, we made it!

Making kimchi

We didn’t taste our own kimchi though, because we gave all of the kimchi to other people. Moreover, I have no idea how to bring the kimchi home if they told us to bring it home. Hahaha.



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